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Research line: Therapeutic Ophthalmic Lenses

SurfLenses - Surface modifications to control drug release from therapeutic ophthalmic lenses (M.era-NET project)

Different strategies may be used to improve the drug loading capability of the hydrogels that constitute ophthalmic lenses and achieve a controlled drug release. Among them, the modification or coating of the materials to create drug diffusion barriers, has been particularly welcomed both by clinicians and industry, since it allows the use of ophthalmic lenses already available in the market and whose properties are already extensively studied. In SurfLenses project, this and other approaches were explored. 

BIOMAT leaded the project, considered a “Success story” of the M-ERA.NET program.


Orbital - Ocular Research By Integrated Training And Learning (MSCA-ITN project)

ORBITAL is focused on the development of drug delivery technologies that can help treat posterior segment diseases of the eye. BIOMAT participates in this Innovation Training Network which includes 24 partners from academy, industry, hospitals and patients associations of 11 different countries. The main goal of the work carried out at BioMat is do develop dru-eluting IOLs for the prevention of cystoid macular edema (CME) after cataract surgery. 

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