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Research line: Sterilization of Biomaterials and PPEs

 STEReoSTRAT - Sterilization of clinically active hydrogels: looking for efficient strategies (FCT project)

The main objective of the project was to study the effect of conventional and new sterilization methods on the properties and performance of drug loaded hydrogels for biomedical applications. It involved the optimization of the sterilization procedures, as well as the modification of the hydrogels, in order to increase their resistance to eventual noxious effects of sterilization and guarantee an adequate drug release behaviour. Hydrogels for different applications (e.g. SCLs, IOLs, wound dressings, cartilage substitution materials) were studied.  


STEReoEPI - Sterilization of PPEs with gamma irradiation regarding their reuse (FCT project)

The reuse of personal protective equipment (PPEs), in an efficient and safe way, constitutes an added value for the health care units, reducing the costs, suppliers dependence and the environmental impact associated with the use of disposable material. This project evaluates the possibility of using gamma radiation to sterilize different types of PPEs, in order to respond to the emerging needs of Pandemia COVID-19.

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